This is the first time I have had some real news and progress in my own journey.  I am happy to show that, though it may take time, things will happen and to not give up! 

"The Fire"-  Longshot Island Volume 3

This was my very first print publication!  "The Fire", the short story that was published online by Longshot Island, was chosen by the editors as a top story, and thus was included in the third volume of their new quarterly magazine.  It can be found on Blurb for purchase, the magazine is full of great stories.
May 2017
"I am Still Here"- Perceptions Literary Journal

I have been taking a creative writing class at the local community college, as a little brush up and extra feedback.  I submitted a piece to the literary journal there and was lucky enough to be accepted. 
May 2017
"Sandcastle"- Medusa's Laugh Press

Third story accepted!  This flash fiction piece will be published in the third volume of their Microtext Anthology.  More info to come!
Various Poems- Poets from the Neighborhood

I have mentioned this local (to me) program before.  Williamson County TN has a local television station and one of their weekly shows is called "Poets from the Neighborhood".  Every week two local poets read a selection of poems submitted by other local poets. I have been accepted several times now, and it is a great place to hear so many wonderful poems.  My favorite part of it however, is the promotion of local writers and creating a local writing community.  You should see if your area has anything to offer local writers!

Episodes air every Friday and can also be found on Youtube.
I have been read on Programs #
117, 120, 130, 141, 155, 165, 166, 167, 168, 169,