Writing Your Own Story-
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  Hello and Welcome!
  Both my website and myself are somewhat new to the writing world (so please bear with me!).  Let me start off with a little about myself, that way the reason for the website will become clear.
  I was always carrying a book as a kid, to school, to softball practice, to my grandparents' house, anywhere really.  All I needed was one free moment and the books I loved so much would be opened and I would be lost to the world.  And with that love- of characters, of worlds, of stories- came a desire to write, to create my own characters, worlds, and stories.  But I began to fear that I couldn't make it my future.  Doubt won.
  Until college.  Spring semester, senior year to be exact.  It only took one creative writing class, taken as an elective with friends, for that  long, lost dream to come back with a vengence and not let go. 
  I am not an expert.  I am barely a rookie.  And that is why I created this website, to help the other rookies out there.  You will see things here that I have found while beginning my writing journey, including competitions and resources.  I also have a section for books on here, my favorites, new discoveries, and your favorites if you have any you would like to share.  For most, writing starts with a love of reading.  I will post new information at least once a month and welcome any and all input too!
Enjoy and Good Luck!
Newly Discovered Books
  1. "The Dry"- By Jane Harper
    "The Dry"- By Jane Harper